The Nevada cargo ship

The Nevada was a merchant ship, which sank on January 21st, 1979, 3 kilometers offshore the urban centre of Avola. It came from Trapani: her holds were fully loaded of sea salt, extracted from the famous sicilian salt marshes.
Nowadays, the wreck lies on a sandy seabed, in perfect attitude of navigation; it features two top extremities, one being the bowsprit and the other being the back derrick, both almost completely entwined with fishing nets, various kinds of ropes and fishing lines which highly increase the risk of entanglement.
It is possible to penetrate inside the ship although it's definitely not the easiest task to accomplish given the narrowness of its passages. Overall it is a well-preserved wreck, some structures are still almost intact: you can positively identify the anchors, the capstans, a heater placed on the main deck and an engine-room telegraph.

Because of the relatively high depth (55 metres) and the consequent need of mandatory decompression stages, we would recommend this dive only to well trained, fit and experienced divers.