Whether you choose Catania, Siracusa or the Eolies for your dives, we know the very best of the Sicilian seas. Take a look at how we can make your stay in Sicily an unforgettable experience.

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  • Whale watching


    There are only two places in Italy where it is possible to watch whales: Lampedusa is one of these. We expect them every year by the end of March, would you like to come along?

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  • Liveaboard


    Among the very few diving centers to sport a liveaboard service, our offer could not be defined complete without our mini cruises with scuba diving in mind.

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  • Price list


    Sick and tired of those tricky offers from the competition? Our prices are crystal-clear and all-inclusive. We probably boast the most convenient fares of all Sicily diving centers.

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  • Ships


    Being an island, the majority of sicilian trade moved by sea, especially in the past. The big quantity of shipwrecks testifies such a maritime past.

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  • Airplanes


    There is an area in Sicily named "the airport" in the jargon of fishermen: a sort of Bermuda Triangle of ours where hundreds of airplane wrecks, shot down at wartime, rest.

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  • Submarines


    Sicilian waters hide the wrecks of at least eleven submarines, only one of which is accessible by means of recreational diving: that's Sebastiano Veniero's!

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  • Archaeology


    Together with the wrecks, sicilian archaeological areas continue underwater. We hereby propose you a selection of those areas protected by UNESCO treaties.

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Estate 2017: tra le meraviglie della Riserva dello Zingaro